Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are able to change 


  1. This terms and conditions contract is an agreement that forms between us and you in regards to purchasing items off our website, http://nzwineshop.co.nz/.
  2. By accessing and using features of this website you are therefore acknowledging that you agree to the following terms and conditions AND that you are 18 years of age or older.
  3. This also accounts for the acknowledgment that by placing an order you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older.
  4. Purchasing specific products may include other specific terms and conditions, in which these special terms and conditions will be shown with the product.
  5. When ordering items with your credit card or debit card you are acknowledging that you are either the card holder or have been granted permission from the person who’s card you are using.
  6. The delivery address given to us to have the orders sent must be located within New Zealand (Please see ordering section for exact locations).
  7. Our company has the right to fully cancel an order even without a liable reason. When this occurs we will notify you of the cancellation and immediately refund your money.
  8. If you decide to cancel an order please notify us through our provided contact details as soon as possible. However at times it may be that it is too late to cancel your order.
  9. Credit card and debit card are used as forms of payment when purchasing items on the website. Cash, cheque and other forms of payment are not accepted.
  10. The risk and responsibility of the products ordered are held liable to you after receiving them.


  1. In a given situation where there the product you order is out of stock we will offer you a substitution of equal or greater value.
  2. When a specific wine vintage is unavailable, another vintage of the wine may be provided.
  3. All prices of products include GST.
  4. No further promotional offers given to products that are already on sale.
  5. Promotional offers given to products at a lower price whilst stocks last and only throughout the decided time period.
  6. You agree to the buy the product at the stated price on the website page for the product. In the case of a mispricing we will change the price and notify you on our error.
  7. However upon the issue of a product being mispriced, we have the right to refuse or cancel any orders that are involved with the specific order.
  8. Initial pricing will not include the delivery fee. Delivery fee and handling fee (only if necessary) will be applied at the checkout and added onto your desired products total pricing.
  9. Products that are available for purchase on our website show the current “live” (real time) prices. And therefore as a result are subject to price changes at any random time without notice.
  10. In the case of a very large order please let us know pre-hand by contacting us directly so we can appropriately fixate to your needs.


  1. Upon delivery we or the courier may require an identification check to see if you apply under the stated condition that the person receiving the goods is of 18 years of age or older.
  2. When the products are unable to be delivered for a specific reason even though you fall under the stated delivery zone,  we will try to get in contact with you and arrange a new delivery time for the products.
  3. We only deliver in NEW ZEALAND. 


  1. When ordered product(s) are delivered to you we will do our best to try to make sure that the quality of the product is of up to a high, merchantable standard.
  2. In the case that the products delivered to you are at a non-merchantable standard or does the fit the description of the actual product ordered then we will work to pick up the faulty/incorrect stock and replace it better/actual product or offer a refund.
  3. However upon ordering and purchasing products from out website, a refund will not be offered if you change your mind.



  1. Regarding security, sometimes we may call up the card holder used to purchase the products to carry out basic security checks and ensure safety.
  2. Privacy regarding personal details when ordering products are kept very discrete and information will only be passed on the third party people if only necessary to complete the delivery.
  3. When using this website to order products you are agreeing to the fact that any cash lose or over expenditure by you leaves you solely responsible. You are aware that when accessing this website you are doing so at your very own risk.
  4. Fake details and/or materials regarding person identification is not to be used when creating an account and receiving deliveries otherwise you will be held accountable for anything that may occur in the future.


  1. All loses and damages as a result of this website or any links referring to or from this website are not accountable by us.
  2. ANY orders are able to be refused by us without a given reason.
  3. In a given scenario where an order is cancelled by us all money received by us regarding the other will be refunded by the same way payment was made.
  4. We will not be held liable for any physical injuries or death caused by the mis-consumption of alcohol and or due to the access of this website.
  5. Any issues you think resulted due to the use of this website are to be reported within a year of occurrence.



  1. The content, layout, formatting and overall design of the website which is or may be subject to copyright, trade mark, design, confidentiality. All of these falling under the category of intellectual property.  
  2. The material and content on the website however is allowed to be used solely for yourself and for personal uses only, hence not including commercial usage.
  3. Therefore by using our website you are hence acknowledging that all content on the website is of our intellectual property. 
  4. All pictures, logos and trademarks of the website are of our own or of other third parties and you therefore are acknowledging  this whilst using our site.
  5. When using this website you agree that to use its content and material for lawful purposes only.



  1. When an incident that has occurred beyond our control i.e; industrial disputes, internet and communication errors/outages, act of God, emergency scenario, war or any other situation that is beyond our control, the terms of conditions written here can be excused.
  2. Any violations of these terms and conditions or our right to respond are not to be waived simply because we do not respond to the incident immediately. 
  3. In a case where any of these stated terms and conditions are either illegal, inapplicable, void, etc it will be ignored or “deleted” to make solving issues simpler.
  4. You agree that when using our website for services you indemnify us against all fees, expenditures, losses that are directly or indirectly caused by you ,any person(s) who accept our order that are under the legal required age of 18, any violations of these terms and conditions.